What’s New in Version 8.6.1

Editing Text Blocks; Support for Windows 11!

Download What’s New in StarLog 8.6.1

At WellSight we are continually adding new features and enhancements to our products. Version 8 represents a substantial improvement in usability and modernization of our products, without changing their familiar, easy to use interfaces.

StarLog (StripLog, MudLog, and HorizontalLog)

New Features
  • Lithology Boundary Fill: In HorizontalLog, Lithology can easily be drawn and edited by filling the area between boundary lines.
    • Select Multiple Vertices and perform certain actions (delete, add segments) for them all at once.
  • Text Formatting Properties allow you to change Text Font, Style, Size and Color in Geological Descriptions and other text layers.
  • Fill Data Curves: Data curves can be filled cumulatively or using threshold values or curve data cross-overs for any two curves.
  • Gas Ratio Curves: for Character, Wetness & Balance.
  • View Track Headings: Track Headings can now be displayed on the screen while viewing and editing our logs.
  • A log file can now have multiple Core Header sections which can be exported and printed.
  • New Image Layer allows you to quickly add images by drag and drop.
  • Images can now be imported from jpg, gif, bmp, tif and png files.
  • Depth Tracks can now show MD, TVD and SS depths.
  • Sub-sea depths are now supported in surveys and throughout the programs.
  • Errors in LAS data files are now handled better when importing curve and survey data:
    • Minor formatting problems are fixed automatically.
    • Errors that cannot be fixed are listed for the entire file so that they can all be fixed at once.
  • Updated Help System and Tutorial.

User Interface Improvements

  • StarLog’s appearance has been modernized to use the style of the Windows version on which it is running.
  • Color properties (e.g. lines and text) now use a newer version of the Color Picker DialogCustom Colors that you define are now saved with the log and made available when it is re-opened.
  • Touch interface for tablets, including scrolling and zooming.
  • Drag and drop to open log files.
  • Edit windows can now be resized to use today’s larger screens.
  • The Quick Info Bar gives better context information, including MD, TVD and SS depths, in a larger font.
  • Enhancements to context menus give quicker access to editing windows.
  • Scrolling and zooming enhancements
  • Drag and drop to assign imported data curves to log curves.
  • Keyboard short-cuts were added to the File menu and standardized on the Edit & View menus.
  • Poly-Lines are easier to edit.


The latest Versions of StarLog support:
  • Windows 7, 8.1, 10, 11
  • Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016, 2019
  • All WellSight programs can read log files that were written by previous versions.

For further details on the latest version, see the Readme file in the installation directory or on the Products Page of WellSight’s website.