The following capacities apply to the latest version of these programs.






Log Depth Range0 – 60,000 m or ftIncreased from 30,000 in version 6.3.2
Max Log Width60 inIncreased from 36 in in version 6.4.0
Tracks per Log1 – 40 
Track Width0.05 – 10 in 
Layers per Track1 – 16Includes Graph Paper Layer
Curves per Curve Layer1 – 10 
Curve Data Steps0.01 – 10 m or ft 
Max Curve Pattern Segments16 
Curve Line Width1 – 4 pixels100 pixels = 1 in.
Semi-Log Curve Cycles1 – 10 
Rules per Semi-Log Cycle5 or 10 
Max Characters per Text Bock1500Increased from 500 in v6.5.0
Text Block Width and Height0.5 – 10 in 
Symbol Libraries1 – 30 
Symbols per Library1 – 100Recommended max 25
Max Symbol Size10 in x 10 in100 pixels = 1 in.
Recommended max 2 in x 2 in
Header Sections7 – 20Note: Any or all headers can be disabled
Header Width0.5 – 36 inClassic headers have fixed width 8.0 in
Header Height0.5 – 10 in 
Min Survey Header Size3 in x 3 inPlan or Elevation
Legend Column Width0.5 – 10 in 
Legend Symbol Width0.1 – 5 in 
Custom Header Grid Size0.01 – 36 in 
Banner Bitmap Height1 – 4 in 
Max Poly-Line Segment Length20 in 
Layer Divisions1 – 500 
Max Distance between Surveys100 log in.Surveys farther apart are not connected by a well-bore line
Max Value of Northings, Easting, and Vertical Section within Surveys60,000 ft or mSame as max log depth
Max Printer Page Size50 in x 50 inFor Plotter support, see WellSight LogManager