WellSight Systems develops high quality, affordable, easy-to-use Windows-based programs for Geologists, Mud Loggers, and Drilling Engineers.

StarLog Suite 8.8.0

StarLog Suite
  • Formation Top Layer
  • Auto Scrolling
  • LDA to Import Surveys
  • Expanded Depth Scales
  • Lithology Boundary Fill Enhancements – Drag, align & extend to end of log/survey
  • Filled Data Curves
  • Gas Ratio Curves

Products in the StarLog suite are sold separately, but downloaded together. Call our office to discuss a trial evaluation license.


StripLog 8

The Lithological Strip Log Drafting Tool

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MudLog 8

The Mud Log Drafting Tool

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HorizontalLog 8

The Horizontal Strip Log Drafting Tool icon_informationMore Information

*WARNING: Log files generated by this Version cannot be read by program versions earlier than 8.8.0. If you are upgrading from an earlier version, be sure that your clients are also prepared to upgrade.


LogManager 8

Manage, Print and Plot your WellSight Log Files icon_informationMore Information

LogViewer 8

View and Print StripLog, HorizontalLog, and MudLog Files icon_informationMore Information

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