LogManager 8

Manage, Print and Plot your WellSight Log Files


Why Buy LogManager 8?

The WellSight LogManager is designed for the corporate environment in which logs are viewed, printed, correlated, archived, searched, and incorporated into other well data tools. It offers much more than the free WellSight LogViewer without requiring every workstation to have access to the full StarLog suite of log drafting tools.

  • You can easily search through dozens or hundreds of log files for the well you are interested in. (See below for details.)
  • The depth scale can be changed before printing a log.
  • All data can be exported from your logs including the new TIFF, JPEG, and LAS 3.0 formats. (See below for details.)
  • More log management features are planned for future versions of the WellSight LogManager.

WellSight LogManager 8 Features


  • Open, view, and print any log file generated by any StarLog program of the same or earlier version (i.e. Versions 6.x, 5.x, 4.x, etc.).
  • View the header information in the log file.

Search for Logs

  • Search for log files on your hard disk or network with a particular location, UWI, API, or other information contained in the log headers.

Export Data from Logs

  • Export log images to TIFF or JPEG format.
  • Export curve data to Log ASCII Standard (LAS) version 3.0, LAS 2.0, and tab-delimited ASCII formats.
  • Export all data from a log file including: geological descriptions, surveys, “all data”, and PPDM


  • Change the Depth Scale of a log before printing in order to correlate it with other logs.
  • Support for continuous feed printers. (Plotter support is available in LogManager.)
  • Export data from the log in a variety of formats.


  • Plot a log directly to any HP-compatible plotter.

High-Quality Output

  • Clear, precise, professional quality printed strip logs.
  • Complete header information for the well, the operator, the geologist, cores, DSTs, etc.


  • WellSight LogManager is priced at a fraction of the full StarLog suite tools as it is intended for users who need to view, print, plot, search, and generally manage their company’s WellSight log files but do not need to edit them.
  • Low annual license fee ensures that you receive the latest problem fixes and enhancements.
  • See current pricing.

System Requirements

See the list of system requirements.