What’s New in Version 8

At WellSight we are continually adding new features and enhancements to our products. Version 8 represents a substantial improvement in usability and modernization of our products, without changing their familiar, easy to use interfaces.

StarLog (StripLog, MudLog, and HorizontalLog)

New Features

User Interface Improvements

WellSight Perspective

WellSight Perspective is our latest product. It is a project planning, data recording, and geo-steering tool that brings together data for multiple wells and surrounding features, enabling you to visualize your entire project and all of its relevant data, both as a true 3D scene and using multiple conventional 2D views.

StripLog, HorizontalLog, and MudLog can export survey, lithology, curve data, header, and log images to Perspective with one operation. The exported data can be used to create a new Perspective project, or to update an existing project. Other digital and raster data can also be imported.


The latest Versions of StarLog and Perspective support:


For further details on the latest version, see the Readme file in the installation directory or on the Products Page of WellSight's website.