StarLog (StripLog, MudLog, and HorizontalLog)

Text Formatting

Text Formatting Properties allow you to change Text Font, Style, Size and Color in Geological Descriptions and other text layers.


In Layout > Layout Designer, click [+] to open Layer: Geological Descriptions > Default Font > Arial 8 pt. Bold and select Font… to open the Default Font dialog.


Click […] to open the Color Editor to define a Custom Color.



You can change Font properties for an existing block of text by selecting a text block, Right click and select Font… to open the Font dialog box.

Lithology Boundary Fill – HorizontalLog

Select Multiple Vertices

You can select multiple vertices to quickly draw your lithology.  Drag the mouse around the area you desire which creates a selection box.  All vertices in the selection box are high-lighted red.  Right click on a vertex and you can Add Segments, De-Select or Delete Vertices.

Select multiple end vertices and Right click to quickly Add Segments to multiple boundaries to easily extend your lithology.  To de-select the vertices click the ESC key or CTRL + DEL key to delete. 



Multiple Core Headers

A log file can now have multiple Core Headers which can be exported and printed.