New Release StarLog Version 8.6.0 – April, 2022

Windows Support – This version supports Windows 11 and includes several minor enhancements and fixes:

Editing text blocks (e.g. geological descriptions) – Edit text size now matches zoomed text size; F2 puts the selected text block into edit mode and positions the insertion point at the end; Alt+Enter inserts a line break.

Verdana is now the default font for text layers in new logs.

Fixed: Right clicking in the track headings of some logs would cause a coordinate overflow error message.

Fixed: Selecting a graph (e.g., text block, symbol, image) at one end of a log and using the Home or End key to move to the other end of the log triggered a redraw loop in some logs.

What’s New in StarLog Version 8.5.1 – Oct 24 , 2020

WellSight Systems has released Version 8.5.1 of the StarLog program suite: StripLog, HorizontalLog, MudLog, the free WellSight LogViewer, and the WellSight LogManager.

This version includes several enhancements and minor fixes:

  • Layout Designer > Data Curve Properties: You can now fill between any two curves, regardless of different scales, data steps, or half step offsets. New Threshold Conditions are ‘when left of’ and ‘when right of’ for StripLog and MudLog, and ‘when above’ and ‘when below’ for HorizontalLog.
  • Layout Designer: Five shades of Red and Green were added to the built-in color palette.
  • Import Curve Data > Assign Data Curves: Vertical resize stretches the Input file as well as the column and curve lists.

Version 8 supports Windows Server 2019.

What’s New in Version 8.5

New Features including Text Formatting and Multiple Core Headers!

Download What’s New in StarLog 8.5.