StarLog Suite

New Release

StarLog Version 8.5.0 – Feb 18, 2020

WellSight Systems has released Version 8.5.0 of the StarLog program suite: StripLog, HorizontalLog, MudLog, the free WellSight LogViewer, and the WellSight LogManager.

This version includes several enhancements and minor fixes:

  • Lithology Boundaries:  You can now select Multiple Vertices and Lithology Boundaries:  You can now select Multiple Vertices and perform certain actions (delete, add segments) for them all at once.
  • Text Formatting Properties allow you to change Text Font, Style (Bold, Italics), Size and Color in Geological Descriptions and other text layers.
  • A log file can now have multiple Core Header sections which can be exported and printed.
  • Color Properties (e.g. lines and text) now use a newer version of the Color Picker Dialog.  Custom Colors that you define are now saved with the log and made available when it is re-opened.
  • Errors in LAS data files are now handled better when importing curve and survey data: Minor formatting problems are fixed automatically.
  • Errors that cannot be fixed are listed for the entire file so that they can all be fixed at once.

Version 8 supports Windows Server 2019.

What’s New in Version 8.5

New Features including Text Formatting and Multiple Core Headers!

Download What’s New in StarLog 8.5.