New Release

StarLog Version 8.4.2 – October 2, 2019

WellSight Systems has released Version 8.4.2 of the StarLog program suite: StripLog, HorizontalLog, MudLog, the Free WellSight LogViewer, and the WellSight LogManager,

This version includes several enhancements and minor fixes:

Lithology Boundary Fill

  • Boundaries are now drawn split when they cross a TVD scale change.
  • A new vertex can now be inserted anywhere along a boundary segment.
  • A new boundary can now be started at any position without having to copy an existing boundary.

Program Appearance

  • StarLog’s appearance has been modernized to use the style of the Windows version on which it is running.
  • Layout Designer: Lighter colors are now used for group header rows.

Other Enhancements

  • Import Curve Data: Data files can now be removed from the data file list.

Version 8 supports Windows Server 2019.