New Release

StarLog Version 8.4.0 – March 2, 2019

WellSight Systems has released Version 8.4.0 of the StarLog program suite: StripLog, HorizontalLog, MudLog, the Free WellSight LogViewer, and the WellSight LogManager.

This release includes major new features:

  • Lithology Boundary Fill:  In HorizontalLog, Lithology can easily be drawn and edited by filling the area between boundary lines.
  • Fill Data Curves:  Data curves can be filled cummulatively or using threshold values or curve data cross-overs.
  • Gas Ratio Curves: for Character, Wetness & Balance.
  • View Track Headings:  Track Headings can now be displayed on the screen while viewing and editing our logs.
  • See What’s New in Version 8 for more details.