Get a New Perspective on Your Project

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a 3D geo-located visual tool to plan and present your well, keep abreast of key data while drilling and have a complete file on how it went to analyse completion and go forward strategies?  WellSight’s Perspective is that must-have tool.


Perspective is key for:

  • Project planning
  • Presenting the full story of a well to management for approval
  • Geo-steering with geo-located data
  • Recording project information to create the complete well history
  • Post drilling, Completion & Re-Evaluation analysis

3D Scene


  • Inserts geological data such as contour, survey plans and topo maps accurately
  • Integrates with other WellSight Data from Vertical & Horizontal wells
  • Adds multiple data sources and well paths, offsets
  • Visualizes hard boundaries such as an oil-water contact or right-of-way
  • Models structures with varying dip angles and faults
  • Imports raster logs and digital traces to correlate features/picks
  • Augments the well story with the ability to place objects and documents such as drilling reports, torque and ROP, along a well path to track events
  • Enhances the ability to see structure changes while drilling using the Profile view
  • Correlates interpretations between well paths in a 3D scene
  • Supplements the Driller’s dashboard with geological data relative to plan and actual well path
  • Records the new data as the project is being drilled
  • Exports WellSight data into Perspective with one simple operation
  • Displays digital data curves (such as ROP, Mud Gas, Gamma Ray) and lithology on well paths

Survey Plot & Contour Map


2D Windows

Perspective’s Key Benefits:

  • Improves decision making with progressively updated, geo-located data
  • Respond quickly with accurate tools to understand your data
  • Provides a complete well profile after the project is finished in one concise file
  • Enhances communication and understanding among the well site and company teams utilizing a common visual tool
  • Promotes collaborative solutions to tackle drilling challenges or deviations from plan
  • Supports more accurate Frac placement with precise 3D visualization including the geological well site data
  • Assists post completion evaluation for potential re-entries and property acquisitions
  • Raises the understanding of each wells’ activity for post drill analysis
  • Influences best practice procedures for cost efficiencies and efficacy by scrutinizing Perspective well histories

Data Curves and Lithology

System Requirements


Windows 7, 8.1, 10

Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016

Processor             Intel Core i5
Memory              8 GB

Screen resolution: 1024×768

Multiple monitors at 1600×900 or greater recommended

Video memory    2 GB or more