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At WellSight Systems, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction that is possible. Please take a moment to review our support policies and practices, and let us know if you need assistance with any of our products or services.

WellSight Systems FAQ

The answers to many of the questions, issues, and problems that our customers have encountered can be found in our FAQ. Please take the time to review this valuable resource.

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WellSight Systems Customer Support Policy

Each individually sold WellSight product is backed up by two hours of free telephone support. Support beyond two hours is available at an hourly rate.

For corporate clients with multiple licenses, support requests should be directed to a designated contact within your organization. If that contact person is not able to resolve your issue, they should be the one to contact WellSight.

WellSight Systems is a small company that strives to provide high quality products at reasonable prices. We have made our best efforts to make our software products easy to learn and to use. WellSight Systems is not responsible for providing support for problems with your computer, Microsoft Windows, or software from other companies.


Before Contacting WellSight Systems

If you encounter a problem with one of our products, we ask that you follow some simple steps toward solving the problem before contacting us. Often these steps can help you to resolve a problem faster than by contacting us.

  • Restart your computer and printer (for printing problems) and determine whether the problem persists.
  • Upgrade to the latest version of the WellSight Systems product.
  • Review the README file, tutorial, help system and other documentation for the product.
  • Review our FAQ.

Contacting WellSight Systems for Support

Please be sure to follow the steps under Before Contacting WellSight Systems before filing a Problem Report, as many issues can be resolved in this process.

Complete a Problem Report Form and submit it via the Web, email or fax – WellSight Systems may not be able to assist you without a completed Problem Report Form.